For Currency Users

Cash is great. It is secure, decentralized, and anonymous. In the digital age though it is impractical. The major online alternative – paying with bank issued cards – has few of the benefits of cash. Your payments can be traced by any successful hacker, and you’re relying on banking institutions to keep track of your money – the same institutions that almost collapsed during the financial crisis.

Enter cryptocurrencies that replicate the benefits of cash in a currency that can be used for online transactions. The most famous is Bitcoin but it has several disadvantages including long transaction times and fees. BitcoinStake is based on an algorithm that has all of the advantages of Bitcoin – and none of its drawbacks.


Windows (Link)

Linux (Link)

Source Code (Link)

A mirror source is available via ZeroNet – a decentralized website that uses Bitcoin cryptography and the Bit Torrent network. To use it:

1) Get ZeroNet (a free service) here.

2) Visit the BitcoinStake website hash here.

3) Download the wallet. Help others by seeding.


BitcoinStake can be bought and sold on Coins Markets here.

The Future

We’ll be working with our community and corporate partners to spread the adoption of BitcoinStake as an alternative to cash for online transactions. We’re working on a White Paper which we’ll publish here. Check back soon for more information.