For Miners



Algorithm: Scrypt

Type: PoW/PoS

Coin Name: BitcoinStake

Coin Abbreviation: BCS

Address Letter: B

RPC Port: 23976

P2P Port: 23975

Block Reward: 15 coins

Total Coin Supply: 21,000,000 coins

Premine Percent: 70%

Premine Amount: 14,700,000 coins

PoS Percentage: 10% per year

Last PoW Block: Block 1000

Coinbase Maturity: 100 blocks

Target Spacing: 64 seconds

Target Timespan: 1 block

Transaction Confirmations: 6 blocks


Github here and here.


Windows (Link)

Linux (Link)

Source Code (Link)

A mirror source is available via ZeroNet – a decentralized website that uses Bitcoin cryptography and the Bit Torrent network. To use it:

1) Get ZeroNet (a free service) here.

2) Visit the BitcoinStake website hash here.

3) Download the wallet. Help others by seeding.

Block Explorer

You can find the block explorer here.


BitcoinStake is re-imagining how to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Members of the Bitcoin Talk forum – where this and many other cryptocurrency projects have been announced – will get free BitcoinStake coins depending on their senioririty (as determined by number of posts) on the forum. You can find a list of redeemed bounties here.

  • The first 10 Legendary Members to ask for it will get 100,000 BitcoinStake coins (This bounty has run its course)
  • The first 100 Hero Members to ask for it will get 10,000 BitcoinStake coins
  • The first 200 Senior Members will get 5,000 BitcoinStake coins (This bounty has run its course)
  • The first 400 Full Members will get 2,500 BitcoinStake coins
  • The first 1,000 Members will get 1,000 BitcoinStake coins
  • The first 10,000 Junior Members will get 500 BitcoinStake coins

100,000 BitcoinStake coin bounties are available for the following creations:

  • Website (This bounty has been claimed. Obviously. =) )
  • ANN design
  • Getting coin listed on first exchange (This bounty has been claimed)
  • Block explorer (This bounty has been claimed)
  • Mac wallet
  • PR article on a respected crypto news site

10,000 Bounties are available for the following activities:

  • Create and operate social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Telegram etc.)
  • ANN language translations
  • Website language translations
  • Proof of stake mining pools
  • Upload source code to github (This bounty has been claimed)
  • Get coin listed on additional exchanges


BitcoinStake can be traded on Coins Markets here.

The API URL is here.

The node is:


For Windows

Default data directory: %APPDATA%\Bitcoin\

Typical path to configuration file: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\BitcoinStake\bitcoinstake.conf

For Linux

Default data directory: $HOME/.bitcoin/

Typical path to configuration file: /home/username/.bitcoinstake/bitcoinstake.conf


  1. You must download the wallet, open it and then close it.
  2. Go to your %appdata% folder (just type %appdata% into the Windows Explorer address bar).
  3. Create file called bitcoinstake.conf
  4. Open the bitcoinstake.conf file with Notepad and copy&paste the nodes (nodes are here) into the file.
  5. Again start the wallet and wait for it to be synced


To stake you need to:

  1. Have a balance to stake
  2. Leave the wallet open
  3. A certain amount of coins can be reserved to stake under the settings -> options menu in the wallet GUI